Apollo Media, LLC

Apollo Media, LLC

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We use professional-level drones to bring visual media fine art to both consumers and businesses. You can expect the highest standards for aesthetic appearance and composition. We use 4K resolution, and are capable of using various techniques such high-dynamic-range, tilt-shift, panorama, high frame-rate, lens correction, color correction, written narration, video editing, etc. Whatever you can imagine we are willing to take on.

Our clients include: real estate, construction, agriculture, weddings, sports, festivals, tournaments, fishing, parks, hotels, apartments, universities, production studios, marinas, golf courses, restaurants, car dealerships, large retail stores, etc! We are capable of recording both exteriors and interiors.

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Apollo Media, LLC
202 Mildale Drive
Salisbury MD 21804
United States
Phone: (443) 614-5976
Email: s.seiler@apollomediaco.com
Url: https://www.apollomediaco.com